Seasonal and Perpetual Adopt-A-Horse Program

Become a part of the mission to restore the 66 original 1928 Philadelphia Toboggan Company horses by adopting one of these unique and historical treasures.

The PTC horses were hand-carved by skilled German and Italian craftsmen. Among them were Leo Zoller, the Muller Brothers, Salvatore Cernigliaro, William Dentzel and Frank Carretta, some of the most talented artisans of any age. Your sponsorship will aid in restoring a horse to its exquisite beauty and elegance. Adopting a horse is a wonderful way to honor a loved one or pay tribute to a family member.

Seasonal Adoptions

For a donation of $250, you may choose a carousel horse to adopt for one season. In addition to being given naming rights, you will receive a commemorative card to display or give as a gift. With your permission, your name or business name may be noted on the website, displayed inside the Carousel, and on promotional materials. Sponsorship of the Carousel’s famous Roman Chariot is also available.

Perpetual Adoptions

Option 1 - Payment Plan
The popularity of adoptions and requests from supporters have encouraged us to add an option to enable more of our supporters to adopt a horse perpetually. In the past, the $10,000 donation had to be received in one or two payments. Now you may adopt a horse forever for a donation of $1,000 a year for 10 years. If you have already adopted a horse for one or two seasons, the amount of those donations may be applied to the balance.

Option 2 - Full Payment
Since 1996, over two dozen of the Carousel’s sixty six horses have been perpetually adopted and have received “forever” names in gratitude for their benefactors’ magnanimous contribution. These horses are recognized with a special name plate. This outstanding option remains open today for the remaining horses.

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Meet PAX, the latest member to join the Restoration Stable