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The award-winning Paragon Carousel is open weekends,

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Thanks to winning a grant from American Express the Paragon Carousel replaced all twelve doors to the building that houses the Paragon Carousel with beautiful wooden doors that replicate the original doors from 1928. The grant also allowed us to renovate all the windows above the doors so that now light streams into the building. Thank you!

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6th Annual Flag Day Observance


We will hold our 6th Annual Flag Day Observance tomorrow, Sunday June 21 at 1:00 pm, at the Paragon Carousel. Please join us to salute our flag and honor veterans, members of the armed services and loved ones. This year's program is dedicated to the memory of Myron Klayman.

Tomorrow's program will be highlighted with patriotic selections from the Paragon Carousel Chorale. The names of each person being honored with a flag will be read recited. The Navy Hymn will be performed as the names are read aloud.


Guy Abbate, US Navy

Francis Abbate, US Navy, WW II

Kathleen F. Anderson, US Navy, Iraq

Louis Berman

John W. Biggs, US Navy

Michael Braccia, US Army

Captain E. Alan Brudno, US Air Force

Nanny Cherry

Major David S. Connolley

Grammy DeMatteo

Papa DeMatteo

John Devaney

Jesse Ely, US Army, WW II

Lloyd F. Emery, Sr.

Jerome Paul Finiello, US Army

John Lewis Finiello, US Maries

Ryan Gardner, Active Duty, 10th Mountain Div. US Army

Gordon Hersey, US Navy

John William Keefe

Barbara Kimball

Robert Kimball

Paul Kimball

Mary Kimball

Myron Klayman, US Navy, Korean War

Robbie Laneau

Charles A. Lowe, US Army

William F. Lyden, Jr.

William F. Lyden. Sr., US Army

Willliam X. Lydon, US Navy

A.L. MacLeod

Charles William MacMurray

Shaunn Maloney, US Army

David F. Marcel, US Air Force

Victor E. Marchetti, US Navy, WW II, Seabee Division

Peter J. McCarthy, US Air Force

Alfred Mehegan, US Navy, WW II

Philip Molloy, US Marines

William A. Morse, US Air Force

Robert B. Morse

John “Papa” Muldoon

Edward C. O'Malley, WW II

Gary Pickering

Richard Rialto, US Navy

James F. Roberts, Jr. US Marines, Vietnam

Joseph B. Roberts, US Army, Korea

Timothy J. Roberts, US Marines, Vietnam

Kevin Rys

Kenneth Sawyer, US Navy

Carl G. Schleiff, Jr., US Merchant Marines

Anna Scida

Frank Scida

Joe Stabnick

Joseph P. Striano, US Navy

Agnes Tochy

Herman W. Tott

Benito Valentin, US Army

Pat West

Mark Willard

Savlatore Zaia

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