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Board of Directors 2016-2017

The Board of Directors is a voluntary working board. An annual meeting and elections are held each year. The Board meets on a monthly basis. 

Board of Directors 2016-2017

From left: President Marie Schleiff; Treasurer Jinnie Walsh; Christopher Lofgren; Vice President Carolyn Corrow; Jon Mongeau; Judeth Van Hamm; Clerk Terry Brady; Paul LeBeau. Photo taken at the Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Paragon Carousel on March 3, 2016.

Board of Directors 2016-2017

Executive Commitee

Marie Schleiff, President

  • Has been on the Board of Directors since 2007.
  • Occupation: English Teacher, Cohasset High School (retired).
  • Vice President, Weymouth Dog Shop, Inc.
  • Pearson Education - Flexible Scoring - SAT.
  • Chief Interests: Educational outreach; Paragon Park Musuem; restoration efforts.

Carolyn Corrow, Vice President

  • Has been on the Board of Directors since 2012.
  • Occupation: Realtor at Home Center Sotheby's International Realty, Hingham.
  • Carver School System (retired teacher).
  • Chief Interests: Corporate giving; gardening; travel; family

Jinnie Ryan Walsh, Treasurer

  • Has been on the board since 2011.
  • Occupation: Vice President, Hingham Institution for Savings.
  • Chief Interests: Fiscal responsibility and compliance; community projects.

Teresa Brady, Clerk

  • Has been on the Board of Directors since 2016.
  • Occupation: Justice of the Peace, Interfaith Minister.
  • North Reading Public Schools (retired).
  • Sales/customer service professional.
  • Case Manager, Cambridge Health Alliance.
  • Trustee and Friend, Hull Public Library.
  • Chief Interests: Her thirteen grandchildren; Historic preservation; advocating for education, library sciences and healthcare; gardening.

Board Members

Paul LeBeau

  • Has been on the Board of Directors since 2015.
  • Occupation: Senior Manufacturing Executive.
  • Non-Profit Visionary.
  • Chief Interests: Arts and culture; serving the community; sailing; travel; politics; fine food and wine.

Chris Lofgren

  • Has been on the Board of Directors since 2014.
  • Occupation: Financial Services Vice President, State Street Bank
  • Chief Interests: Corporate giving; corporate compliance and fiscal responsibility; family.

Jon Mongeau

  • Has been on the Board of Directors since 2015.
  • Occupation: Design Management (event design, home, corporate, exterior/interior)
  • Floral Design.
  • Event Management.
  • Hospitality management.
  • Chief Interests: Corporate giving; travel; event management.

Judeth Van Hamm

  • Has been on the Board of Directors since 2007 (and previously served in 1995-1996).
  • Occupation: Artist.
  • Town Planner.
  • Chief Interests: Solar Personal Rapid Transit; Connecting the carousel to Quincy Center via solar personal rapid transit.



Restoration Artist/Curator and Facilities Manager: James Hardison

  • Has been restoring the Paragon Carousel since 1994
  • Certified Maintenance Mechanic for the Paragon Carousel
  • Fine artist and carver
  • Professional sign painter
  • Graduate of Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts
  • Chief Interests: Arts and culture; historic preservation; music; family


Director of Operations: Jim Callahan


Kevin Battista

Ron Della Chiesa

Virginia B. Gray

Christopher Haraden

John Hansen

Kevin Hull

Charles Lowe

Janet Lowe

Bob Odell

Scott Wahle

Gerry Zeller


2014-2015 BOARD OF DIRECTORS (from left) Gerry Whelan, Treasurer; Kevin Hull, Vice President; Florence Ely, Clerk; David Gray; Marie Schleiff, President; Carolyn Corrow; Judeth Van Hamm. Not pictured: Larry Hand, Jinnie Walsh. Photo was taken during the organization's Annual Meeting on March 28, 2014.


2014-2015 ADVISORY BOARD: Some Members of the Advisory Board meet in November 2013 to celebrate the Paragon Carousel's 85th birthday. From left: Ron Della Chiesa, John Hansen, Steven M. Greenberg, Pat Cormier, and Trish Fleck. Not pictured: Virginia B. Gray, Charles Lowe, Janet Lowe, Elaine Pepe, William Pepe, Scott Wahle.

2014-2016 CAROUSEL OPERATIONS: (From left): Carousel Operators Sean McDonough and Karen Alfano, Face Painter Annie Greenman, Restoration Artist and Facilities Manager James Hardison, General Manager Patti Abbate. The newly restored Carousel Horse was adopted in honor of President John F. Kennedy and is named Beloved Jack. 


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