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Our 2018 Calendar of Events will be posted in the early spring.

Stay warm and think Summer Thoughts until then!


We are closed for the season, and will re-open Easter Weekend (March 31 and April 1) 2018.

The business office is open year-round, with limited hours.

205 Nantasket Ave.Hull, MA 02045

Please Visit the Doors to History site to learn more about the Paragon Carousel and other historic sites in our area!


Corporate Sponsors

George Washington TomaThe Grass Guy

Thanks to winning a grant from American Express the Paragon Carousel replaced all twelve doors to the building that houses the Paragon Carousel with beautiful wooden doors that replicate the original doors from 1928. The grant also allowed us to renovate all the windows above the doors so that now light streams into the building. Thank you!

                                                             VISITOR INFORMATION



Easter through late May

Saturdays  11a - 5p

Sundays    11a - 5p

Memorial Day Weekend through Mid-June

Fridays       5p -10p

Saturdays  10a - 10p

Sundays    10a -9p

Mid-June through Labor Day

Sunday - Thursday    10a - 9p

Friday-Saturday        10a - 10p

September and October

Saturday & Sunday        11a - 5p

We finish our season with a Spooktacular Costume Party for the little ones on the last weekend of October!



From Boston:  Take Route 93 South (Southeast Expressway). Go left at “the split” to “Route 3 South/Cape Cod”. Take Exit 14, MA 228 North - Nantasket Beach. (Go Left at the bottom of ramp). Continue on RT 228 - Stay alert and watch for 228 North signs going through Hingham! When you arrive at the traffic lights at the Route 3A intersection, go straight across and follow directions below From the Route 3A/Route 228 intersection.

From Cape Cod: Take Route 3 North from the Bourne Bridge. Take Exit 14, MA 228 North - Nantasket Beach. (Go Right at the bottom of ramp). Continue on RT 228 - Stay alert and watch for 228 North signs going through Hingham! When you arrive at the traffic lights at the Route 3A intersection, go straight across and follow directions below From the Route 3A/Route 228 intersection.

From the Route 3A/Route 228 intersection:

Drive TWO miles. When you come around the bend and see the ocean, you are almost there! Continue for another half mile, the Paragon Carousel is on the left, next to The Clock Tower, and opposite a DCR (Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation) Parking Lot and the Bernie King Pavilion.


In Season – Between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day, the DCR Parking Lots (which are adjacent to the beach) charge $15 ($20 for out of state visitors) until 5pm daily; and two hour parking on Nantasket Ave. (in front of the Carousel) is strictly enforced. Please be considerate of other visitors and our neighbors - do not park in the clearly marked crosswalk in front of the Paragon Carousel.

Off Season – From the Tuesday after Labor Day until the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend, there are no parking restrictions on Nantasket Ave. (in front of the Carousel) and DCR Parking Lot is free.

Event Parking – when you book an event at the Paragon Carousel, complimentary parking behind the Clock Tower is available for you and a limited number of your guests.


The Town of Hull does not allow dogs on Nantasket Beach between June 15 and Labor Day. Responsible dog owners with well-behaved, socialized dogs that are on leash, supervised and under close control are allowed on the Carousel grounds. If, in the sole discretion of management, any dog owner is not maintaining proper levels of behavior and/or safety, management may instruct the dog owner to immediately leave the premises with their pet. Service Animals are ALWAYS welcome!


Friends of the Paragon Carousel regularly produce newsletters and other publications, and posts content to the web and social media that feature the carousel and visitors.  Your presence here constitutes your consent to be photographed, filmed, and/or otherwise recorded for the purposes of Friends of the Paragon Carousel communications and related outreach activities, in perpetuity.  Note:  No photographs or videos may be taken of children at the Paragon Carousel.

Personal Photography and Videography

Photography and videography for personal, private, noncommercial use are allowed free of charge (exclusive of ride admissions) in all areas.  Personal photographs/videos may not be published, sold, reproduced, distributed, or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner.

To protect the objects being photographed and for the safety of our visitors, the following guidelines must be followed when taking personal, private, noncommercial photographs or videos at the Paragon Carousel:

  • No tripods, lights, tracks, and other types of equipment are allowed
  • Photography and videography must be conducted without disruption to Paragon Carousel operations
  • Participants must stay on the pathways and mowed lawn areas, and refrain from walking in mulched or planted garden beds
  • Photography and videography must not limit the accessibility of exhibitions, entrances/exits, doorways, pathways, and high traffic areas
  • Participants and photographers are not permitted to pick flowers or plants; remove plants, plant labels, or containers; or rearrange or move plants or planted containers in any way
  • Landscape and/or flower/plant design cannot be changed, moved, or adjusted.  No additions to the planting areas are allowed
  • Props or equipment may not be hung from the buildings, trees or plants

Commercial Photography and Videography Inquiries

All photography and videography inquiries will be directed to the Friends of the Paragon Carousel Manager at, who will decide whether the photography/videography inquiry is commercial in nature.  No commercial photography or videography may be taken without written permission from the Friends of the Paragon Carousel Manager.

Friends of the Paragon Carousel considers photography or videography “commercial” in nature when the images of Paragon Carousel grounds, gardens, events, activities, or exhibits are used as a visual background for another organization or to promote a product, firm, or organization.

Commercial Photography and Videography also includes:

  • Yearbook photo shoots
  • Family photo shoots
  • Wedding/Engagement photo shoots